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Achieve Gaps by cleaning away marbles using shooting. Get a higher score by achieving Combos, Chains and Gaps as much as possible.


Features - Fresh and different levels - Arcade mode to challenge the highest score - Bombs, arrows and various items - Adopt all operations that allow easy operation schemes - Leaderboards, achievements, support - Tablet Device Support - multiplayer support Thank you and let's play with us this latest game. Mobile Zuma Deluxe 2. Improved sisitem 2. Reting and commenting on game improvements 3.

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Added assets and items 4. Mobile Zuma Deluxe Tags Adventure.

Additional Information Category: Android 2. Both modes have the same gameplay, funky tribal soundtrack and great graphics and sound. It's deceptively addictive once you get going, and quite therapeutic as you watch the balls gradually get blown away. The downside is it's probably bit too easy because the balls move rather slowly.

Zuma is a great game that will appeal to both adults and children. Note that in this trial version, you're limited to 60 minutes of play. Nothi ng.

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Nothing More. Zuma the only one..

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Run the downloaded file and perform installation. Windows Games Puzzle Zuma Defend the golden skull with the ball-firing frog Zuma is an extremely simple, and it has to be said, extremely addictive puzzle game.

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You control a small frog in some kind of ancient Aztec world that revolves View full description. Casual Updated: Rate This App.

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