O que é app do lulu

They have dozens of apps to share their life, be it by pictures, videos, and status updates.

Now, as this generation takes on the adult responsibilities of relationships, millennial women now have a way to show how angry they are when a man fails to meet her expectations. Obviously, Lulu is, in its essence, a double standard.

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If Lulu existed for men to rate women, it's likely that Apple would probably reject it from the app store. And this is the scariest thing about Lulu.

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The last thing we need to do is encourage this generation that revenge is an acceptable form of coping and communication - especially digital slander, which clearly has legal repercussions. On the screen was a profile of a male friend of ours with several "ratings" from other girls that had apparently dated him, including a few degrading hashtags. This demographic "dates" less and increasingly relies on social media to communicate.

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But as the app exists for women to "rate" men, it is "empowering". Not only does it encourage young women to "destroy" other young men for the sake of revenge and in the heat of heartbreak, but it will undoubtedly have a long term impact on the lives of these men.

We've already seen Apple draw the line with apps like the former "Bang with Friends" which is now so subtly called "Down".

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If Lulu is just as morally damaging as "Down", at what point does Apple step in - or do we? I am a Seattle-based freelance writer with a passion for companies building products that solve real problems.

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