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Robinhood is a game-changing investing app with a very unique and unbeatable feature: The app makes money by upselling premium services like margin trading and payment for order flow. It's also one of the very first personal investing apps to offer Bitcoin trading capabilities. Along with no commissions, there's no account minimum or maintenance fees. They sound intrusive but they're actually helpful, and you can customize them or opt out altogether.

You like free stuff and you're brand-new to investing. Perez noticed that models, like many freelancers, were often paid very late for their work — sometimes months or even years after the contractually required payment period. And it's hard for freelancers to keep track of multiple projects, especially since they're usually in the middle of one when another comes in. Though popular with those in the fashion industry photographers, stylists, etc.

It lets you standardize the details of a gig, put in a timetable for it, and keep track of payments that have come in, are scheduled to come in, or that are past due — your own little balance sheet, so to speak. It also makes it easy to see at a glance which clients have not paid you yet. Tycoon App is catered to a freelancer's special needs, such as calculating take-home pay minus taxes and agent commission , so you can decide whether or not to even accept a gig.

You want to decide whether it's worth it for you to take a certain job. Time, after all, is money. The service is popular with the millennial generation. If you want someone to pay you, you send them your personal QR code so they can add you as a recipient. If you choose, you can share your transactions with your friends or even the whole Venmo-using world.

You are the type of person to share your Fitbit running data on your social media feed. While this list is made up of primarily budgeting apps, if you're more interested in making investments for your future, Investopedia's list of best investment apps is where you will find apps that are designed for investing in stocks and other assets. Personal Finance.

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Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps of

Popular Courses. Login Advisor Login Newsletters. Investopedia Personal Finance. Shows your real-time credit score. Sheila Olson contributed to this piece. Compare Popular Online Brokers. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

The best budgeting apps for Android and iOS

Related Articles. Personal Finance Top 3 Mobile Wallets of Partner Links. You can connect Spendee to your bank account to track all your expenses, you can create a shared account with your family, and it supports multiple currencies. This app can do the heavy lifting by investing for you automatically. It links directly to your bank accounts and credit cards.

5 Awesome Budgeting Apps For 2018 And Beyond

It can take little bits from your purchases every day and invest that money in a diversified portfolio of more than 7, stocks and bonds automatically. This app is all about keeping track of and getting a handle on your spending. It works across multiple currencies and banks.

Personal finance tools that make it easy to see how much you're spending

You can use this app to plan your financial future and keep track of all your expenses and income. Money Lover is a free app that offers a clean, colorful interface and plenty of nifty features, but there is a downside.

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This budgeting app allows you to get very granular with your expenses, and automatically categorizes spending on food, drinks, games, and anything else you might buy, with cute pictures to boot. The app also tracks your income and spending in the past, present, and future months, with everything displayed in an easy-to-read format. This is especially helpful for finding specific transactions, so you can figure out which card or account you used to buy something at the department store.

With Stash you can invest in small increments — five dollars at a time, for instance — and across a variety of available portfolios, whether you prefer to do so manually or via automatic payments. Stash will even help you discover companies that align with your values, so you can choose firms that are making strides in equality, ecology, and other issues.

The 9 Best Budget Apps

Mobills promises fewer problems, with a simple interface and vibrant display. Oh, and the charts! Did we mention the charts? It even has a section for you to plan out your dreams, and see how long it will take to achieve them based on the money you set aside each month. Did you know that you can join family and friends to make a group purchase with PayPal? Read our take on Paypal Money Pools and find out what it is and how you can use it.

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Budget software built for daily life

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