Samsung galaxy s2 strange sound

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Does it occur with all sources of sound? Does it occur in Safe Mode? Reply Loading SamsungMichelle Supernova. We're glad to hear it! You are welcome.

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I can try to figure that out, but its random. Sent it back and got a replacement? Let me know, thanks. Senior Member. Jan Could it be evp?

Why is my speaker making a weird noise?

Sent from my GT-I using Tapatalk. Sep It came back a while after. I also unplugged the headphones with the music app running and the phone rebooted. I got a replacement from orange as this issue was too distracting. My replacement has just come, but exactly the same 'static noise while and after listening to music' issue is still here!!! Is this really what its like for everyone but people don't bother saying?

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that keeps notifying but no message, solutions to other sound issues

Wed May 11 Both seemed to make the sound last for not as long after i pause the music, but did not solve the issue. Will rooting the phone, using different kernals and whatnot fix this? Could it be a dodgy batch of phones from orange? I have no knowledge of what rooting and kernals actually is, let alone what ones i should use.

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Android Apps and Games. The crackling I found was when I had the vibration intensity set to max.

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Swipe down from the top click settings the gear click my device and then sound. Sep 24, 2 0 5.

Samsung Startup Sound [Synthesia] (Galaxy S2)

Hi, I have the same problem but my phone is water damaged. Still its making crackling noise. I can hear the sound music or voice but there is lot of disturbance with it.

Please suggest me if there is any fix. Altotude Lurker.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that keeps notifying but no message, solutions to other sound issues

Mar 29, 1 0 Yes this is happening to me now with my Nexus 4. It's concerning. No water damage and is running v5. Sep 8, 1 0 15 Male. Jul 5, 23 3 I'm not a professional when it comes to phone repairs but this sounds like it may be more of a hardware failure issue than it does a software issue. However, I could be wrong. First thing is to check for any available official updates. If there are none then I would suggest a factory reset after you've backed up your internal storage.