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Your GPS is about to become way more accurate

How to fix and improve GPS on your Android phones and tablets. By Jamie Harris.

How to use Google Maps as your satnav] If you want to improve the GPS signal on an Android smartphone, here are some tips that may help. Tip 1: Tip 2: Activate high accuracy mode GPS uses up a lot of battery power, and the more precise it is, the more battery it uses. Then find Location from the menu and ensure it is switched on.

From the options, select Mode and then chose High accuracy. How to fix a water-damaged phone] Tip 3: Once the app has downloaded, open it and tap Compass. This results in inaccurately calculated position. Even when the object is less substantial tree cover, car roof, your body , reflection and weakening of signals may still occur.

This can sometimes be observed when viewing your recorded GPS track logs on top of aerial imagery.

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In the image on the left, the true position of the footpath follows the shadowy area in the forest. However, as the GPS receiver enters the forest walking from east to west , it can be observed that reflections cause the recorded track to incorrectly shift slightly to the south. When carrying a GPS device, generally, the higher the antenna is fixed, the better the reception. Good positions include the shoulder strap or the top pocket of a backpack, mounted on top of a cycle helmet, or a roof antenna on a car. Being in an enclosed space, such as a steep sided valley or a high rise urban environment, reduces the area of sky visible to the GPS receiver.

This causes two problems.

How do you use Satellite Director ?

Firstly, it reduces the number of satellites that are in direct line of site of the receiver, therefore breaking the "the more the better" rule described above. Secondly, it prevents the GPS device from receiving GPS signals from a disperse set of satellites - that is, the satellites used to calculate your location are clustered within a small area of the sky. Highly clustered satellites can result in large positional errors, up to several hundred meters. Although there is little that can be done to improve the situation in enclosed spaces, it is worth keeping an eye on your GPS device so that you are aware of when the signal quality drops.

Look for a "satellite view" diagram as shown in the images on the right on your device. If you plan to record a track from a vehicle, get a very good fix before you enter it. This is especially true for newer trains, where you might well never get one otherwise. A 3D fix is not a sufficient criterion of quality. If it is higher than 6, you can consider that you do not have a good fix.

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Under 4, it is good enough for OSM tracking. Less than 2 means you have a very good fix. You can have a good DOP with only a 2D fix.

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From OpenStreetMap Wiki. Jump to: Available languages — Accuracy of GPS data. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Convert it to GPX format if it wasn't done for you automatically. The collected data can be displayed as a background of thin lines or little dots within the map editor.

Can iOS 8 provide info on satellites?

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GPS Apps vs. GPS Devices

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