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But even on the desktop Windows 8 also leans toward mobile functionality with the touch-friendly Start Screen. In this world, it makes sense that tablets and laptops might share one form factor; hence, the laplet.


And those coming from the notebook market have to consider the risk of investing the same amount of money into an unfamiliar category. Beyond Lenovo and Dell, other manufacturers are also struggling to figure out what "convertible" really looks like and means. The screen can slide up to reveal a keyboard or back down to be used as a tablet. But early reviews of the device have dinged it for making too many compromises in both modes, especially in how the keyboard affects overall practicality.

One company we won't see a laplet from anytime soon is Apple, which has been especially critical of hybrid devices. You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user. For the past year, since announcing Windows 8, Microsoft has said that the operating system is optimized for mobile devices like tablets, laptops and convertibles. The company included convertibles in the mix before most manufacturers had committed to making them. And Microsoft has featured several laplets on its official Building Windows 8 blog. Intel, which has been pushing convertibles, also touts the benefits of the two-in-one devices.

Like having a portable office

The company announced in September that it has already altered its roadmap and plans to help OEMs make even thinner, lighter and more varied hybrid devices starting in And Intel recently conducted a customer survey in which it let let people use five different devices — an all-in-one desktop PC with touch, a clamshell notebook with touch, a convertible with touch, a touch tablet, and an notebook without touch. The company found that while 75 percent chose the clamshell notebook as their device of choice, 44 percent also said that they would want a convertible, indicating consumer interest.

And Intel's bets are on the laplet. It's going to ramp up quickly in the PC space and that's why Intel has gone out and secured capacity beyond the forecasted need.

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Even if the laplet category ultimately fails to catch on, though, it and Windows 8 are unquestionably driving change in what was becoming a slightly moribund PC space. Use daily: I am good. Whats collecting dust: Macbook Pro ipad 2, ipad 4, iphone 5, iphone 4s. Qbah Diamond Member May 29, Oct 18, 3, 0 I haven't used the iPad in months.

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Didn't feel like reading anything recently, so the Kindle is also idling. What would be perfect? A phone with a battery lasting a week at least. Functionally, my devices are already covering all my needs. IamDavid said: I'm probably the only Windows fan left around here..

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May 6, 8, 1 I want a 6. Dont care if it weighs 1. Fingolfin Lifer May 29, Feb 28, 17, 0 Oyeve said: I'm pretty much good where I am. Imported Lifer May 29, Sep 2, 14, 0 You are pretty deep in that ecosystem. Zaap Diamond Member May 29, Jun 12, 7, 30 Note 4 communications hub, notes, idea sketching, go-to browser often Note Nothing better for me than the Note 4 currently exists.

Note 5? More updated 12" Galaxy Note NTrig just doesnt feel right for drawing to me.

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Newer MacBook Pro that hasn't been de-balled in some stupid way by Apple, but current is just fine. Updated PC: CPU, motherboard, graphics card, but really I don't need it since my current works fine. Jun 8, 14, 93 This is what I have and is my ideal setup.

All working in harmony together with windows Everything I do on one device is on the other, very cool. Feb 17, 7, 0 Fingolfin said: Jan 3, 3, 0 I tried adding an iPad into the mix, and I didn't see where to fit it in. It became more of an annoyance then a luxury, so I sold it. I'd also like to own an Apple watch, so I can stop pulling my phone out of my pocket every damn time someone texts me, but not for the price Apple is asking. JAG87 said: Nov 30, 51, Sep 20, 17, 0 0. My current daily drivers are starting to look like a museum of ageing tech.


Currently for me: Jun 25, 0 Nov 11, 0 Sep 13, 7, 1 I'd like a new 15" MBP but way out of my budget right now. Feb 14, 15, 77 Jul 5, 2, 0 Will be giving my desktop to my little brother tomorow. Skurge Diamond Member May 31, Aug 17, 5, 0 You must log in or register to reply here.