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Fortunately, Bold users and mobile professionals don't have to look too far as its successor, the RIM BlackBerry Bold , delivers the goods. Sleeker and sexier, RIM did a really nice job of making the smartphone smaller without sacrificing too much in usability. Plus, you get the new optical trackpad, some minor user interface enhancements, and an extra-sharp, xpixel resolution display.

For more information about the smartphone's design, please read our full review of the T-Mobile RIM BlackBerry Bold since the two models are nearly identical in this department. For more add-ons, please check our cell phone accessories, ringtones, and help page. For one thing, it runs on BlackBerry OS 5.

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But for those who work for businesses running BES 5. Though not nearly as large as the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World offers thousands of free and paid apps 2, as of July in various categories, including social networking, music, utilities, and games, so chances are pretty high you'll find something to meet your needs. Just be aware that you can only download apps to the phone's main memory MB and not to the microSD card, so keep tabs on your available storage. The smartphone also ships with a number of apps and personal information management tools already on the device, including Documents to Go Standard Edition, Yellow Pages Mobile, a clock, a calculator, and a task list.

As a phone, the Bold offers quad-band world roaming, a speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, smart dialing, conference calling, speed dial, background noise suppression, and text and multimedia messaging with threaded chat view. The address book is only limited by the available memory and holds room for multiple numbers, e-mail address, work information, and more. For caller ID purposes, you can assign a photo, group ID, or custom ringtone.

The Bold doesn't have a trackball, and the new trackpad is a solid replacement--I've yet to have any issues with my Bold trackpad. I haven't experienced any significant wireless signal problems since embracing the And the Bold battery cover, composed with a "leatherette" material, not unlike the original Bold's cover but classier looking, both fits like a glove and is easy to remove and replace.

A new bezel-design with contoured edges gives the device a more polished look. In-set, user-customizable "convenience" keys on both the 's sides look like they're all part of a single surface. And shiny silver charging panels on the bottom left and right let users employ the BlackBerry Bold Charge Pod to power up while reducing wear and tear on the main microUSB charging port.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

The BlackBerry Bold is just the second U. RIM has shipped OS 5.

Verizon Wireless shipped the OS 5. RIM currently makes four different kinds of keyboards: I'm a very heavy texter, so keyboard design is very important to me when choosing a smartphone. RIM's Bold-style keyboard--contoured keys with little or no horizontal space between them and guitar-like, chrome frets spaced vertically between rows--is by far my favorite BlackBerry keyboard design. And the Bold 's keyboard doesn't disappoint More on that subject in the next section. As mentioned earlier, a common problem-area for recent BlackBerry smartphones was the pearl-like trackball used for device navigation.

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BlackBerry trackballs typically work great when you first get them; they roll smoothly with no obstruction. But as you employ your BlackBerry and the trackball sees a bit of wear and tear, it's not uncommon for the ball to start to stick or slow down. In the past, I typically replaced my BlackBerry trackball once every three or four months. That's all fine and good if you're comfortable with replacing BlackBerry parts, but the trackball has been a thorn in the sides of BlackBerry power users and large IT departments, which constantly have to deal with faulty trackballs.

No more, thanks to the new BlackBerry trackpad, which I've really come to love over the past months. It has since made its way to the BlackBerry Bold and Curve And RIM has plans to do away with the trackball entirely, so you'll be seeing more of the new trackpad in the future. Finally, the best thing about the BlackBerry Bold , in my opinion, is the device's outstanding battery life. The Bold has average talk-time of six hours on 3G; standby time of up to 17 days; and music playback time of as long as 38 hours, according to RIM.

Those are impressive numbers, especially when you compare them to the weak battery life stats of comparable devices like the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3GS, which both get significantly less talk, standby and music-playback times than the The 3. The device also features speed dialing.

Gareth Beavis of TechRadar awarded the smartphone four stars out of five.

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He pointed out that users who would upgrade to the phone from its predecessor could experience difficulties with typing, due to the reduced size of the keyboard, which he called "a little cramped for [his taste]". However, he opined that the device "still feels like the BlackBerrys of old" and felt it needed to be upgraded, along with its software features. And, at the end of the day, that's one thing we can't get past—serious BlackBerry enthusiasts will tell you that the interface is doing just fine, and there are plenty of reasons to get hooked on these devices.

For us, however, the BlackBerry UI is showing its age, and ultimately, beautiful hardware aside, this device is essentially exactly the same as every other BlackBerry. Digital Trends ' Nick Mokey referred to the Bold as a "recommended product". Awarding it four stars out of five, he stated that the overall "solid feel of the phone helps" stand out an "overall aura of quality". He also called the screen "amazing" and its call voice quality "excellent". Concluding the review, Mokey compared the smartphone to a Curve with a better battery, keyboard, a trackpad and what was missing on that phone—3G Internet coverage.

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He wrote: The former described the Bold as "powerful, comfortable, and even somewhat chic" and its keyboard as "comfortable, quiet, and accurate". Emphasizing the quality of the voice calls, Lendino wrote they were "crisp, clear, and with plenty of gain in both direction". She regarded the Internet browser as "poor", noting that some pages take more than one minute to fully load; she also claimed the video playback was problematic.

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