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Other highlights include a Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, which makes it easy to remotely control the phone for shooting selfies, changing music tracks and more. Add in more than 11 hours of battery life, and the Note 9 is worth the splurge for power users. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Review.

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Moto's G Series has been the go-to phone for people who don't want to shell out a lot of money for their smartphone but still expect a solid performer. With its colorful 5. You'll have to live with below-average battery life and a just-OK camera, but the G6 delivers on enough features to make it a great value. Moto G6 Review.

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Mins 9: In addition to a still mighty A11 Bionic chip that runs circles around Android phones, the iPhone 8 benefits from a bigger and faster camera sensor that takes fantastic-looking photos, including Live Photos with fun new effects in iOS Add in above-average battery life and access to fun new augmented reality apps, and you have the best small phone. In addition to impressive performance, the ROG Phone sports a head-turning design with a logo that can glow Other highlights include a vapor cooling system and even an included active cooling attachment with its own fans.

Add in a bunch of accessory options and you have the best gaming phone yet. Editor's choice iPhone 7 Best Phone for Kids 4. With the iPhone SE gone from Apple's iPhone lineup, the iPhone 7 takes its place as the best smartphone you can hand over to your kids. And while you're getting 's A10 Fusion chip, only 32GB of storage and a 4. The iPhone 7 has IP67 dust- and water-resistance, meaning a splash of water won't wreck your kid's phone. Access to Apple's App Store means your kids can download a great array of games and social networking apps, while the phone's support for iOS 12 puts you in control of just when they can use those apps.

On a budget? We rate smartphones using a combination of subjective criteria including design and ease of use ; our own benchmarks e. We also do real-world speed tests such as video editing and take photos in different lighting conditions to compare the results. After we've conducted all of our testing, we rate each device based on its features, performance and overall value.

Only the top-performing devices make our Best list. Obsessed with tech since the original PalmPilot, Mark Spoonauer is responsible for the editorial direction of Tom's Guide and has covered technology for more than 15 years. He became editor-in-chief of the site in Mark specializes in covering all things mobile, having reviewed dozens of smartphones and other gadgets. He speaks at key tech industry events and appears regularly on TV to discuss the latest trends.

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Follow him on Twitter at mspoonauer. Smartphones Best Picks. Just use that. The biggest plus point about the S9 is that it has a stunning screen. For years Samsung has been gradually improving its display, and the S9 is the apotheosis of those years of effort. Ultimately, this is by far the best Android phone on the market.

Buy now. A much bigger 6. The S Pen is very good, to be fair. You can use the pen to write on apps or send messages with gifs. Another handy feature is that the pen can also be used as a Bluetooth button, allowing you to take a selfie from a distance or with a selfie-stick, for example. The most useful feature is the ability to write memos without unlocking the screen by simply removing the pen from its holster and writing on the screen. A side from that, the only other real advantages compared to the S9 are the slightly bigger battery which can last a day and a half on a full charge with active use, or almost a week on idle.

The 15 Best Smartphones to Buy in 12222

By far the best camera on a smartphone, capable of taking brilliant pictures with no effort. T he Pixel 3 is one of the best new phones on the market and a worthy competitor to Apple and Samsung's continued dominance of the market. Once again, the major talking point of the Pixel 3 is the camera. There's a lot of technical mumbo jumbo involved but essentially, when you press the camera button, it takes a few images then instantly presses them together to create a more beautiful dynamic picture. The colours are a lot brighter and the low-light photography is a lot better. T he camera is also capable of some other cool tricks such as auto-focusing on a particular subject while filming - handy if you're filming something in motion like a pet or a small child.

Google has also incorporated Google Lens into the camera, so you can scan the world from within the camera app to get information on the stuff you're photographing. The example I tried was scanning some trainers to find out where I could buy a pair of my own. Arguably the most groundbreaking addition on the Google Pixel 3 is the addition of a second inner camera. This ensures selfies can be wider and taller, allowing you to capture much more in the selfie frame. The idea is that you won't need a selfie stick or really long arms to make sure you get all your friends, or the whole background in your shot.

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  • The other big feature is the Digital Wellbeing app which tracks how much time you spend on certain apps and allows you to set limits on how long you're looking at certain apps for. Notice you're spending several hours a day scrolling through Instagram? Limit yourself to 20 minutes per day. Once you hit the limit, the app goes grey in the menu and if you try to select it you get told that you've been timed out.

    T here's also a neat wireless charging dock which will turn your Google Pixel 3 into a smart assistant like the simultaneously-announced Google Home Hub. The charging happens very fast too. The phones are very small and light in the hand, even the XL model doesn't feel unnecessarily cumbersome, although the back of the phone doesn't look quite as premium as the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. The XL model comes with a notch at the top but the regular model doesn't, so depending on your feelings about that design choice, you can pick what works for you.

    The bezels on the regular Pixel 3 have been shrunk, so the whole phone is significantly more modern-looking than the Pixel 2. Aside from that there's not a whole lot new to report. There's a new security chip but as far as I'm concerned, security should be something we expect, not something for brands to boast about. Google did announce plenty of other cool features such as call screening, the sunrise alarm, and various edits to the camera software, but all of those will also eventually make their way to other Pixel phones so I can't really consider them standout features.

    I f you want the best camera on a smartphone, get a Google Pixel 3, otherwise you might be better opting for a cheaper Pixel 2 or original Pixel if you see them on offer. A fully featured smartphone costing much less than its competitors. W hen it came to buying a phone for myself earlier this year, OnePlus 6 ended up being my choice.

    Now OnePlus has revealed the 6T, an incremental upgrade on my beloved phone. I firmly believe it offers the best value of any smartphone on the market right now. And it is a fully featured smartphone. Plus, being an Android phone, it can basically do everything a Galaxy S9 can do in terms of software. Admittedly, there are a few deficiencies compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9 in other aspects.

    Still, I have no real problems with the camera. There's a new Nightscape mode which is designed to be better at taking photos in low-light. It's okay, but it's probably better for twilight photos than actually night time shots. Even so, I adore what OnePlus has done with this phone. Like Apple, OnePlus has gone with a notch in the screen for the inner camera, but this is the tiniest notch on any phone. Dubbed the 'teardrop' notch', this notch is under a centimeter in diameter, ensuring the OnePlus 6T is mostly all screen. The other big change from the OnePlus 6 to the 6T is that the fingerprint scanner is now part of the screen, rather than stored on the back of the one under the camera.

    Personally, I preferred it where it was but others have told me they prefer the 6T's version. Either way, I noted that the fingerprint scanner on the 6T was definitely slower than on the 6. It's worth remembering that the 6 is only seven months old at this point. But either way, if you want a OnePlus your only option is to get this one because the 6 is no longer available. But if you've got a 6, don't even consider upgrading unless you actively enjoy getting ripped off. OnePlus is one of them, I wish they'd remember that rather than going the same way as the rest and churning out unnecessary updates every few months.

    A few days after I first moved out of my parents house, my mobile phone stopped working and I needed a new one. It ended up lasting me over a year. Sony has crafted a real looker with this device. My review copy came in Bordeaux Red which is a beautiful shiny maroon-purple colour; much more exciting than the standard navy blue, black, and silver of most smartphones.

    The glossy back is nice though it does make the phone rather slippery. It also took a little longer than I was expecting to focus. The selfie portrait mode has some interesting defaults which make you look slimmer, whiter, and more wide-eyed than you are in real life. Body positivity activists, look away now. However, the best part of the phone is the screen, which is wide and brilliant quality. The company have used some of the same technology in their phone screen making this the best phone for watching Netflix on by a country mile.

    More than just a productivity powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a do-everything powerhouse. With its absolutely stunning 6. Indeed, when you factor in the phone's excellent camera system, competitive battery, and audiophile audio credentials, you realise that this isn't just a work-focused productivity powerhouse, but a do-anything powerhouse that easily makes our best phones list.

    In our review of the Galaxy Note 9 we stated that it's one of "the most functional, feature-packed, and premium Android smartphones in the world", before concluding that "if you're shopping for a flagship-level new phone, and can afford its high price point, then you should definitely count it among your top contenders.

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    While its admittedly high price point may put you off, as might the Android platform if you're used to iOS, you simply can't ignore what a polished and highly useful device the Note 9 is. If you're an Apple fan and can't stretch financially to the 5-star awesomeness that is the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , then the iPhone XR makes a great case as a cheaper alternative — and so it could well be the best phone for you in The iPhone XR comes in a variety of attractive, bright colours, and features a quality 6.

    Plus, the screen while large and clear is also trumped by the XS range and some other, equally-priced devices.

    Which is the best phone to buy right now? Here are some of our favourite picks.

    Regardless, though, as T3 concluded in our official review of the phone, the iPhone XR delivers "a full iPhone experience for a great price. It deserves to stand outside of the shadow of the iPhone XS, offering a finely balanced experience that takes most that phone's premium feel, and throws in a couple of tricks of its own. As such, we feel the iPhone XR is the best phone Apple currently makes in terms of bang for your buck, and as such is an easy recommend for most users. With its incredibly bold Aurora nanotexture design, massive 6. And that's saying nothing about its flagship-level RAM and storage options either!

    Yes, you don't get some flagship phone-level features like wireless charging or reverse wireless charging or an in-display fingerprint reader, but they seem small compromises considering the package you do get for your money — and it's a package that includes a screen with a natty pin-hole front camera. The Google Pixel 3 XL is a great smartphone for photography enthusiasts, thanks to its excellent camera system.

    The Google Pixel 3 XL is one of the best smartphones going in — especially if you prioritise camera quality and want a vanilla software experience that comes straight from Google. It ain't cheap, but it offers Apple levels of prestige and premium. Indeed, whether it's the excellent camera, the metal-and-glass chassis, the oodles of power involved or just the fact that the software and virtual assistant work in perfect harmony with the hardware, Google gets a hell of a lot right with the Pixel 3 XL. Indeed, pure Android 9. It's the single-lens, It's not a huge improvement over the Google Pixel 2 XL , but that phone's camera was already among the best in class, so this unit truly is something special.

    The OnePlus 6T is one of the absolute fastest Android phones on the market and easily makes it into our best phones for list.

    Best smartphones T3's pick of the very best phones available today | T3

    The phone's use of Android 9. The phone's 6. Its battery, too, is merely competitive, and is soundly beaten by devices like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This said, though, in terms of pure speed the OnePlus 6T sits at the top table of flagship phones, and its maker also delivers a device that is beautiful to look at and to hold. The in-box package of accessories is also first class, which taken with its mid-range price point, help make it a very attractive phone package overall and well worth a place on our best phones of list.

    Sony delivers a fast and stylish refresh to its technically impressive Xperia XZ2 with the Xperia XZ3, bringing in a stunning new Bravia-engineered 6-inch, This notchless OLED beauty also comes packing some rock solid competitive hardware, too: Combined, this hardware delivers flagship-level performance in games and apps. Be under no illusion, though, the screen is the big sell here. Consuming media on it is a pure pleasure and whisper it quietly , it's probably the best phone screen ever made.

    In terms of cameras, you get the same 19MP rear camera on the XZ3 that was installed in the XZ2, which is really impressive in the detailed shots it delivers. That said, the system falls just short of that installed on Sony's own Xperia XZ2 Premium , which is marketed as the maker's best phone for photography enthusiasts. Consider that the Sony Xperia XZ3 is capable of 4K, HDR video recording, and can also capture super slow-motion footage fps at p too — a standout ability that's currently unmatched by its rivals — and it's clear to see why this made it on to our best phones of list.

    The Xperia XZ3, then, is overall the best phone Sony currently makes, and a luxe addition to our best smartphone guide. The Xperia XZ4 is certainly going to have a lot to beat when it arrives. The Samsung Galaxy S9 — despite being outshone by the absolutely stunning Galaxy Note 9 and even more fantastic Huawei Mate 20 Pro — is still a quality Android phone, boasting a brilliant Infinity Edge display which occupies 84 percent of the body and cutting-edge guts. Yep, this futuristic smartphone is one heck of a looker, and Samsung managed to resist the temptation to add an iPhone X-style notch, too: The S9 delivers an excellent all-round package.

    As well as the amazing display and industry-leading specs, this handset also has decent battery life, an excellent camera and fast performance. With all of that combined, you get not only one of the best-looking smartphones on the market, but one of the top performing, too. We think the 5. We love the P20 Pro's Leica-branded triple camera. Yes, you read that right, this camera has three camera sensors: