Sony xperia z2 vs samsung galaxy s5

The screen on the Z2 is a touch bigger at 5. The S5 edges it on sunlight legibility.

Which is the better phone?

On paper, the Z2 looks wins with a What matters for most people is the ability to take a shot quickly and both cameras perform well in this regard. Using the Superior Auto mode on the Z2 gets the best results without any fiddling on your part, as it effectively downscales the Both phones offer a range of gimmicky modes to play with. The S5 seems to do better with HDR as the shots look crisper with higher contrast. They can both record 4K video, but the Z2 does get very hot very quickly when you use the 4K mode. The Z2 has some great fun modes for kids with AR effects superimposing dinosaurs and other things.

The Z2 is a premium phone. It looks and feels expensive with classic angular, industrial Sony design with plenty of piano black. The frame is aluminum, providing a silver highlight and the signature power button is polished so it shines out. The back is plastic with the perforated leather effect. The Galaxy S5 is slightly easier to handle and more comfortable to hold.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

It also has a removable back panel that allows you swap out the battery. We think every manufacturer should do this. They both have decent music apps and features, but only the Z2 has built-in FM radio. It is worth mentioning that if you are going to use the earphones that come with the phone then the Z2 wins by a mile because Sony has bundled in a set of noise-canceling MDR-NC31EM in-ear headphones. Android 4.

Sony has made a few tweaks to the interface, but maintained a pretty light touch, while Samsung has gone its own path and completely overhauled everything. For multitasking you can go split screen with the S5 using Multi Window. Sony has taken a different approach with Small Apps, which assumes one main app and a smaller utility, rather than potentially giving them equal billing.

Both work well, but Multi Window is slightly more versatile.

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To sum up the differences: With an IP67 rating, the Galaxy S5 can be immersed in water up to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes without damage. It also has nothing to fear from dust.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 | Trusted Reviews

It can handle low pressure jets of water from all directions and be submerged in 1. That pretty much tells the whole story. The Z2 lasts noticeably longer than the S5 between charges. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review. Both phones can shoot 4K and p video. The Z2 has an alarming tendency to heat up during 4K filming and abruptly stop after a couple of minutes, but Sony is working on a fix for this; the Samsung suffers no such problems.

Samsung Gear 2 review. In real-world performance, both are blazingly quick phones that tear through the trickiest of tasks with barely a stutter. Neither is without its minor issues, however. The Sony Z2 gets disconcertingly warm very quickly, while the Samsung S5 exhibits the occasional bit of lag.

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The Sony is a mite less laggy, while the Samsung offers the most storage and less unwanted toastiness. The 10 best apps for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. A single battery charge will last you a full day with normal use, and the helpful Ultra Power Saving Mode will ditch unnecessary apps and services and even turn the screen to grayscale in order to eke out the last dregs of a fading battery.

Galaxy S5? You'll never tempt me away from my Nexus 5.

Both phones run the Android 4. It can be a little overwhelming at times, however, with over-populated menus leading to some confusion. Sony has kept things simpler with the Z2. The one standout we would highlight? The boxy design of the Sony phone means it maintains most of its width right to the edge of the phone, where the Galaxy S5 back tapers at the rear, making it fit more comfortably in the hand.

Both phones use rubber seals to keep water and dust out, but they are in slightly different places thanks to the differing modes of construction. They are big and obvious, but are in-keeping with the slightly industrial-looking design. The Xperia Z2 is the clear winner on this front, but both phones will prove a little annoying for some of you. The issue? You need to reseat the flap that covers the USB port whenever you charge the phone.


Unless, of course, you get either the wireless charging back for the S5 or the charging dock for the Z2. Galaxy S5 — 5. The Z2 screen is 5. They are the same resolution as well — both are p phones. These screens already look very sharp. Performance in both is pretty impressive too. Both offer excellent colour accuracy and great contrast.

Each marks a step on from its predecessor. Now that Samsung has sorted out its colour accuracy issues — a big issue with previous-generation AMOLED phones — it has truly made a class-leading screen. And if you like larger-than-life colours, the Galaxy S5 offers them thanks to its various screen modes.

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In the most muted of modes, Cinema, the Galaxy S5 brings more accurate colours than even the Xperia Z2. For a while, it looked like high-end Androids were going to stop using memory card slots. In the Galaxy S5, the slot lives under the battery cover. Both phones use a microSIM too, currently the most popular type among higher-end phones.