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How To Get Google Play On Your Fire Tablet

It should turn to orange and then you can keep on installing the APK file. After installing the google play services, an icon will show up in the desktop. Open it. Then, go to this blog post and see how you can start controlling your smart home using your tablet. Learn more about Yeti Email Address: How To. Quick guide: How to save energy having a Smart Home Luis Pinto.

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  • Option One: Install the Play Store From Your Fire Tablet.
  • How to Install the Google PlayStore in your Amazon Fire Tablet - Yeti Blog?
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  • Installing the Play Store in your Fire Tablet;

Best way to protect your smart home system updated for Luis Pinto. Luis Pinto, Head of Content. Even if you bought yours just to read books, the Play Store will unlock a lot of potential you never knew was there. Enjoy your new, more powerful tablet. The A. Eric Ravenscraft. Filed to: Share This Story. Kindles Are Great For Hacking. About the author Eric Ravenscraft.

Eric Ravenscraft Freelance writer for The Inventory. Email Twitter Posts. View on The Inventory. If one were to do that on Google since Google has so many free tools each spouse would have access to the whole Google experience Gmail, Contacts, Google Voice etc just to share an app.

Amazon Fire Tablet How to Install Google Play

I for one love this feature since it allows me and my wife to just share a purchased app instead of buying it twice under separate accounts or opening up the whole google world tied to 1 google account onto his and her devices and the mess that entails. Actually, Google Play DOES allow you to share apps across devices, as long as you have the same gmail account tied to each one's store. You can even have multiple gmail accounts tied to the same device, you just have to switch to whichever account was used to purchase a given app.

Actually, Chris G, I only use gmail for activating devices or things that specifically require a gmail address. I never even check my mail on that account. Adding a new account and switching between them in the Play Store is actually pretty easy. You CAN switch from the app's settings, but it's even quicker to go to your "my apps" screen the button at the top, that looks like a download icon. Once there, on the "All" tab, it should show your gmail address.

Just tap on that, and it gives you the option to add a new account. If you've already done this, you also have the option to switch to any account you've added, just by tapping on it.

How To Get Google Play On Your Fire Tablet

Also, I'm pretty sure that switching accounts is isolated to the Play Store, so you won't be automatically getting stuck with all your wife's contacts, just because you forgot to switch back, in the Store. And since the Play Store doesn't "phone home", all apps installed will work just fine, regardless of which account was used to purchase them, or which is currently selected in the store app. If you travel via air and want to use your phone or tablet with apps bought with Amazon the apps do you no good because if you are not connected to the internet and amazon app store you cannot use the apps bought in Amazon app store.

With Google Play Store you can use the apps not connected to the internet. Also, when you uninstall Amazon AppStore, you can't play any of the games that you have downloaded with it.

You're one click away from a true smart home

Basically, if you paid for an app with Amazon, you are stuck using their service. You'll have to pay for it twice if you want to switch to Google Play. I know Amazon offers 1 free app a day but there are google play alternative apps to this such as AppGratis. I just got Cerberus for free. The advantages are situational, but I generally come down on the side of using the Play Store for apps. I do own a Fire, but also I own 13 other Android devices that directly support Google's app store.

Google Apps administration means that I have remote wipe authority over devices on my account. That's a big point in Google's favor, albeit only indirectly related to app purchases. As an End user and as an Apps administrator, I can push apps out to devices from the web, even to multiple devices. This makes setting up new devices very fast and straightforward.

Amazon can also install apps from the web, but only once the Amazon App store has been installed. The Amazon App store is missing some pretty freaking critical apps. My Kindle Fire ultimately had to be rooted. I wasn't going to have an Android device that didn't support the licensed Gmail, Calendar and Youtube apps. Not just because they're the "official" tools but because I did not want to have software on one device that behaved differently from all my others.

This for me is the biggest argument in favor of Amazon. It's also a good idea to comparison shop App Stores if you're buying an expensive app. Amazon kind-of supports App Gifting. Google does not. Which is great for the vanishingly small number of devices that can be assumed to have Amazon App Store support installed. A problem with Amazon is the country restriction - Free app is not available in Sweden. The same with a lot of paid apps.

The good thing is you can use gift cards - esp good for kids who do not have a card. Amazon is known to modify some of their apps to check to make sure amazon appstore is installed and not run if it's not present I purchased grooveip from amazon because it was a dollar cheaper only to find it won't run unless the appstore is present You did not include other alternate app stores like GetJar. That said I agree with your assessment mostly. You leave out one detail in that Amazon apps have to phone home regularly to continue to be usable. If you happen to be traveling with no network connection like on a plane you might not be able to use your app again until you reach your destination.

To me this was the biggest negative. I loved the free apps but ultimately if I use the app a lot I will go Google Play for this one reason alone. I had no idea that Amazon apps had to phone home -- that's pretty bad. I'll definitely be sticking with Google Play. I like Amazon better because I always have Amazon gift cards, so I can get all my apps for free even if they are not actually free. They have about 2 great free apps a week which makes me go there everyday. I also find the Amazon app store cleaner.

Number of Apps

When I go to Google play store it is a mess with everything they sell jammed into one screen. If you don't have the amazon app store you may want to try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Both app stores have a Web-based storefront, as well, making it easier to browse and find apps, and both will let you buy an app and have it "pushed" to your devices.

Thanks for the perspective. I tried to focus on the advantages each has -- I suppose some people will be happier with Amazon's interface for other reasons. Some people may also just be more comfortable purchasing things from Amazon.

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I own a Kindle and a Nexus phone. I installed the Amazon app store on my Nexus, I actually prefer the amazon App store, the interface is simplified and the Free App of the Day is great because sometimes you find some really useful stuff. Best thing is, once you can an app in the Amazon app store you can install it on every single device that you're using. All you have to do is log in to your amazon account. Pretty bad ass.