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The location of the screen rotation lock depends on what version of the iOS you're running.

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In iOS 11 and up, it's on the left, just under the first group of buttons. In iOS , it's on the top right.

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Tap the rotation lock icon to lock the screen to its current position. You'll know screen rotation lock is enabled when the icon is highlighted in white iOS or red iOS When you're done, click the Home button or swipe down Control Center or swipe up, on iPhone X and later to be returned to your previously used app or home screen.

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If your iPhone won't rotate when you want it to, you'll need to turn screen rotation lock off by following these steps:. Tap the screen rotation lock button a second time, so that the white or red highlight disappears.

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Close Control Center by clicking the home button or swiping down the Control Center or swiping up, on iPhone X and later. Is your iPhone screen not rotating even though rotation lock is turned off? How Do I Fix It? Double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Swipe left to the right until you can't swipe anymore. This reveals music playback controls and the screen rotation lock icon at the far left.

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Tap the screen rotation lock icon to enable the feature a lock appears in the icon to indicate that it's on. Disable the lock by tapping the icon a second time. In iOS 7 and up, you can see that screen rotation lock is enabled by opening Control Center or by trying to rotate your device , but there's a quicker way: To check if rotation lock is enabled, look at the top your screen, next to the battery icon.

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If rotation lock is on, you'll see the rotation lock icon — the lock with the curved arrow — displayed to the left of the battery icon. If you don't see that icon, rotation lock is off. On those models, it's only shown on the Control Center screen. The steps listed above are currently the only way to lock or unlock the screen orientation — but there almost was another option. In early beta versions of iOS 9 , Apple added a feature that allowed the user to decide whether the ringer switch on the side of the iPhone should mute the ringer or lock the screen orientation.

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  • This feature has been available on the iPad for years, but this was the first time it appeared on the iPhone. When iOS 9 was officially released, the feature had been removed. For example, users can limit the amount of time that iOS will allow access to Facebook , schedule a period of Downtime every night that restricts access to games, or block certain websites and apps entirely.

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    But not every iPhone user needs a feature like Screen Time. First, an important note: With Screen Time disabled, your iOS device will no track your application usage time and any limits or restrictions based on Screen Time settings will be lifted. Note, however, that from a privacy perspective, application usage may still be visible via the Battery Health and Usage information in iOS Settings. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox?

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