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Solve complex logistics challenges with isoline and matrix routing. Solve complex location problems with advanced routing algorithms and out-of-the-boxes features like geofencing, matching GPS traces to a road network, changing geometries and restrictions for a particular road , and more. Develop connected ADAS and autonomous driving technologies that offer high-definition, lane-level information for precise vehicle localization.

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Enrich your data with highly accurate location content. Transform your data quickly using built-in location processors and services. Create map-based visualizations , analyze and perform machine learning with easy-to-use tools.

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  7. Store, edit, and publish geospatial data in an easy to use cloud database solution. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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    4. Learn more. Bing Maps Resources Check out these awesome resources and documentation to help with a wealth of information around all areas of Bing Maps Development. Discontinued Control Migration Guidelines General guidelines to follow when migrating from the discontinued controls. OpenStreetMap is a project maintained by a large group of volunteers that create and distribute geographic data for the world for free.

      The API documentation is thorough, although the information is contained on a wiki page. OpenStreetMap represents physical features such as commercial buildings and railways using tags, and each tag describes a geographic attribute.

      OpenStreetMap has a lot of map features , including amenities, building, highways, places, shops and waterways. MapQuest offers a nice selection of digital mapping products, including the MapQuest. There are two versions of the MapQuest platform: Licensed and Open Data. The MapQuest Track this API developer site includes well-designed documentation, a map builder, a static map wizard, a route planner and other developer tools.

      MapQuest was founded back in , long before Google even existed. MapQuest began offering digital mapping products for some time before Google launched Google Maps in The MapQuest platform is well-established and reliable, and it powers millions of MapQuest. Mapbox provides a suite of digital mapping tools that allow custom maps to be quickly and easily added to applications. The Mapbox platform is open source and features textures, illustrations, custom markers, vector tiles, static maps, geocoding and more.

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      Mapbox offers five plans, ranging from a free starter plan to a high-volume enterprise plan. The platform also features Mapbox Editor, an online editor that allows users to quickly build custom maps using their own data. The API documentation is well-designed and easy to follow.

      Mapbox also provides a lot of live demos and code samples that developers can use as a starting point for their applications. While Mapbox is relatively new compared to Google Maps Mapbox was founded in , the company has been working hard at adding new functionality and engaging features to help set it apart from other digital mapping companies. Track this API. CartoDB is an open source mapping, analysis and visualization engine that allows developers to create Web and mobile geospatial applications.

      CartoDB offers several plans that range from a free basic plan to a feature-packed enterprise plan. CartoDB also provides an editor with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly create maps and visualize data. The documentation for both the CartoDB platform and editor is well-organized and easy to follow. The popularity of CartoDB has grown very quickly despite the relative newness of the platform.

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      One of the most popular features of the CartoDB platform is Torque, an animated visualization that shows changes in locational data over time. Features like Torque visualization help to distinguish CartoDB from other digital mapping and geospatial platforms. Esri Environmental Systems Research Institute was founded back in and was originally a research group that analyzed geographic information for land-use planning.

      In , Esri released MapObjects, its first platform for publishing maps on the Internet. Esri has a really nice portal for developers that is well-designed and easy to follow. Esri offers standalone developer pricing that uses a credit system for developers who do not have an ArcGIS online subscription. The credit pricing structure is somewhat confusing; a simpler method for pricing would be far more preferable.

      According to a recent Fortune. The service allows developers to build applications that are "location-aware" by taking street addresses or place names and converting them into geographic coordinates.

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      PlaceFinder can also perform reverse geocoding where geographic coordinates are converted into the appropriate street addresses or place names. The price for using the API is based on the number of queries per day, and Yahoo allows developers to monetize their apps with Yahoo search advertising in the same service. Geocoding is a standard feature found in nearly all of the digital mapping platforms on this list. With so many feature-packed digital mapping platforms available today, Yahoo's basic geocoding Web service is not as appealing to most developers as the other platforms.

      The metrics used to determine ProgrammableWeb 's top 10 mapping APIs were obtained shortly before the time of publication. The metrics used, pricing and other product information provided in this article are accurate as of the time of publication. Be sure to read the next Mapping article: Great roundup. How about HERE? Trending very steeply. Maybe next year: Thanks for letting me know about jQuery Geo.

      Looks pretty cool, will check it out when I have the chance. Overview of the developer offering is at https: HERE, a Nokia company, is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business. Rooted in almost three decades of experience in cartography, our vision is simple: Just checked out the site.