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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 - Tablet Review

With more price drops for the BlackBerry tablet, we've taken yet another look at the Playbook to see if it's finally worth the cash, in light of a 4G PlayBook coming later this year. It's probably fair to say that the BlackBerry Playbook had something of a rocky start to life. Hailed by many as as the first worthy successor to the iPad when it was announced, it eventually arrived with a bit of a crash landing, pulling in average reviews and failing to really attract customers.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB

In no small part, the problem was that it didn't come across as the kind of complete package that the iPad 2 - released about the same time - did. Its lack of third-party apps was a shame, but the fact that it lacked its own email and calendar apps, relying on a BlackBerry phone to provide this functionality, really dragged it down.

At just g, it's nice and light, and the all-black design is comfortable and handsome. Whether a 7-inch screen is big enough comes down partially to personal preference, but at x x 10mm, this is definitely a dinky device. The rear camera is 5 megapixels, and capable of p video recording, while the front camera is three megapixels. While you can't argue that Apple is the forerunner in the smartphone based tablet space, over the long term I still believe this is anyone's game.

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Remember, the leaders in the early days of the PC industry weren't the ones who ultimately dominated the mature market. What follows is our review of RIM's first attempt at building a tablet. The PlayBook is far from perfect, but there's a foundation here that can be built upon if RIM has a good roadmap and good execution. And if you're a BlackBerry user, there's a lot of synergy to exploit.

Blackberry launches Playbook in India; price range at Rs 27,000-Rs 38,000

If we view the primary difference between the first and second generation of smartphone based tablets as being ergonomics and performance, the PlayBook falls squarely in between the two. At 10mm thick the PlayBook 7-inch display is more iPad 1 9. The PlayBook is an almost-pocketable tablet.

Bigger than the 5-inch Streak and even bigger than the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the PlayBook isn't a pain to port around. The PlayBook is small enough to snugly fit inside the outer pocket of a long men's winter coat or a lady's purse. While I definitely don't carry my iPad everywhere, if it were more functional I could see carrying the PlayBook with me more often than any other tablet. The PlayBook's styling is modest, even for BlackBerry standards. The front has a single BlackBerry logo along the bottom bezel and a visible camera lens but that's it.

Around back you've got RIM's logo, a larger lens for the rear-facing 5MP camera sensor and a sea of black. The only buttons on the device are along the top of the PlayBook: The power button is flush with the surface of the PlayBook's edge. You basically need a pointy finger nail which I typically don't have to press it easily and as a result the power button was pretty much useless to me.

If you can manage to hit it the power button will lock the PlayBook, otherwise you'll have to leave the tablet idle until it automatically goes into standby.

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RIM tells me that final versions of the PlayBook will have this power button raised by 0. Press and hold the power button and you'll be greeted with a PC-like choice to either power off the PlayBook or restart it.

BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Price in India and Specs |

I'm not sure how frequently RIM expects you to do the latter, but when testing it's a nice feature to have. The PlayBook features a pair of pretty loud stereo speakers on the front of the device. Being used to the iPad's single speaker, the PlayBook's two speakers are nice. Charging is always an issue on these USB devices. You can take Apple's approach and charge over USB, which unfortunately can take a while to fill up a tablet's battery.

You also run into issues with older computers that don't support the USB Charging spec, resulting in charging-only-while-sleeping like the iPad. Charging times are significantly reduced but now you need to carry around an extra adapter with you wherever you go.

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  • RIM arrived at what's quite possibly the best solution. The PlayBook will charge over USB and it also features a higher amperage quick-charge port for use with some of its accessories. The PlayBook is only slightly larger than Samsung's 7-inch Galaxy Tab and maintains the same 7-inch screen size albeit with a functional border around the screen. Given my complaints about current tablets not being incredibly portable compared to a smartphone, you'd think that I'd love the PlayBook's form factor.

    To be honest, for portability, I do. While I'm almost never tempted to bring the iPad with me when I'm going around town, the PlayBook is a far easier sell. It's almost pocketable and actually pocketable if I'm wearing a big jacket and isn't too heavy. From top to bottom: Even when I'm not out and about, the PlayBook is quite usable as a content consumption device. In portrait mode fonts are a bit too small for me to read comfortably on the couch but in landscape it works well as a reddit browsing machine.

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